Episode 8 – TMG Interviews Vinny D’Amore on Professionally Formatting Excel Pricing Models

In Episode 8 of TMG’s Expert Series Podcast, TMG’s Government Pricing Analyst, Vinny D’Amore discusses the approach and benefit of producing a professionally formatted Excel pricing model.  Companies spend an incredible amount of time making their Technical, Past Performance, and Price Narrative volumes look professional before submission. But do they do the same with the Excel Pricing Model? In our experience, the answer is “rarely.” Even if a price model doesn’t contain any math errors, it is often filled with inconsistent formatting, spelling errors, ugly print layouts, and no relationship to the look/feel of the other volumes. And evaluators notice this. We wouldn’t accept that in the other volumes, so why accept it with the model? You don’t have to.  Pricers of all levels, from Analyst to Director/Manager, Desktop Publishers, and Proposal Managers will find value in this unique podcast topic.

In this podcast episode listeners will:

  • Learn best practices to achieve consistent formatting on the screen
  • Know how to create the same look and feel as the other volumes
  • Receive tips on how to print cleanly for the evaluators
  • Understand the value of producing a more professional-looking product

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