Finance and Accounting 

“What makes us different is our approach. Everything we do is based on providing information back to management.”

The McKelvey Group’s finance and accounting service goes beyond data inputs and reporting. We educate and inform, explaining the why behind our processes and recommendations.

Our main accounting options are: Customized Commercial Accounting, Customized Government Accounting, and our GovAcct© Packaged Compliant Accounting. We also offer CFO Advisory Services.

  • Do you want to choose individual accounting services?
  • Do you want to keep some existing accounting personnel/functions?
  • Do you want to have more flexibility around specific accounting policies and procedures?
  • Do you want in-person meetings and/or support?
  • Do you need immediate FAR/CAS compliance in preparation for a near-term audit?
  • Do you want a packaged, fully outsourced, and lower cost accounting solution?

Whether you want customized or standard services, full time, part-time, or project-based, on site or remote services, we have a flexible solution that’s right for your company.

Customized Commercial Accounting

GAAP Compliant, Tailored to Your Needs

Most managers in small and mid-sized companies struggle with spending too much time on accounting administration and not enough on growing their business. Our team has helped businesses of all sizes, in various industries with their accounting operations. Our tailored solutions range from basic advisory services on streamlining finance and accounting processes to fully outsourcing these functions.

Our team approach eliminates the potential for a single point of failure. All clients have a primary F&A lead based on the scope of work, a backup F&A professional, and reach-back access to all TMG F&A personnel.

Whether you have an existing bookkeeper simply seeking an external assessment of your financials, or are looking to outsource part or all of your accounting operations, our team of experts can help get your books closed more effectively while ensuring GAAP compliance and all other regulatory requirements.

Customized Government Accounting

FAR & CAS Compliant, Tailored to Your Needs

Accounting in Government contracting has strict regulations that far exceed those of GAAP. Government contractors need to have policies and procedures in place to ensure FAR, Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) compliance. Without an adequate accounting system, a business severely limits its opportunities and it risks receiving poor performance reviews, rejected invoices, Government claims, contract terminations, or even fraud charges. In addition, contractors without adequate accounting systems risk a lack of access to win new work, key proposal teams, as well as limiting the procurement they can pursue.

Our team has years of Federal government contractor accounting experience. Whether your company needs a review of your existing processes to ensure accuracy and compliance with the FAR and CAS, or you need to completely restructure your accounting system in preparation for a DCAA audit, our team can help. In addition to our general accounting support, our services for government contractors include chart of accounts development to ensure proper segregation of direct from indirect costs, labor distributions, indirect rate calculations, job costing, provisional rate development, incurred cost submissions, policies and procedures manuals, and mock audits. We offer customized solutions to meet your company’s needs so that you can focus on optimizing performance on your existing contracts and winning new bids.

GovAcct© Packaged Compliant Accounting

Packaged Solution, Auditable Day 1

For small Government contractors, spending the time and money on building a fully compliant accounting system is usually a low priority. Unfortunately, ALL contractors are required to have a fully compliant system as soon as they have their first award. This is a certification every contractor makes in every proposal they respond to, and every invoice they submit. And eventually, the Government will ask the contractor to prove it via an audit. An audit can be initiated at any time, with little notice. No accounting system can be made compliant after an audit is initiated. So, every contractor must be proactive. But once again, the cost in dollars, time, and personnel can be daunting for small contractors. TMG has the solution.

Any Government contractor can purchase TMG’s GovAcct© service and be fully compliant within 30 days. Managers can then keep their focus entirely set on contract acquisition and operations. And when a contractor grows large enough to bring this solution in house, all documentation, transactions, systems, and historical compliance will be transferred.

CFO Advisory Services

Strategic Counsel, On Demand

Our team of experienced consultants includes former CFOs and Controllers who have managed accounting teams of one to hundreds supporting organizations with annual revenue of between $1M and $500M. Our consultants can support your organization as an interim Chief Financial Officer.

Do you want to:

  • Close your books more quickly each month?
  • Submit invoices sooner?
  • Improve your executive and managerial reporting?
  • Develop cash and operational forecasting?
  • Negotiate better terms on financial arrangements?
  • Mentor and train your current Controller to become your future CFO?

As either a part-time or project-based resource, a CFO can help guide your accounting team to improve operations through best-practices, formal documentation, and systematic process improvement. We can fill the gap in your Finance & Accounting department until your organization grows to the point where a full-time hire makes the most economic and managerial sense – all the while improving your cash flow and profitability.

Menu of Accounting Services

Our accounting services include customized solutions tailored to your needs and GovAcct©, our standard solution that includes all core services. Available services can be added if requested.

Accounting Commercial Government GovAcct© Solution
Accounting Software Hosting Available Available
Accounting Payable & Accounts Receivable Available Available
Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations Available Available
Controller and/or CFO Advisory Services Available Available Available
Coordination with Client CPA Available Available Available
Customized Customer Invoicing Available Available Available
DCAA/Audits Compliant Accounting System N/A Available
Forward Pricing/Provisional Rate Proposals N/A Available Available
Incurred Cost Submissions N/A Available Available
Indirect Rate Reporting Available Available
Labor Allocations Available Available
Month-End and Year-End Journal Entries Available Available
Monthly Reporting Pack Available Available
Other Customized Service (per client) Available Available Available
Payroll Submissions Available Available
Policies & Procedures Manual Maintenance Available Available
Time & Expense Systems Maintenance Available Available

Finance & Accounting? We can help.

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