Episode 7 – TMG Interviews Marc Hamann on Forensic Pricing


In Episode 7 of TMG’s Expert Series Podcast, Marc Hamann, VP of Pricing Solutions at TMG covers the fascinating topic of Forensic Pricing and he uses the analogy of baseball to explain the concept. Consider this: The bid and proposal process in Government Contracting is among the most difficult of games to achieve success. Similar to the game of baseball, even the very best often fail more than they succeed.  Given that most companies win less than half the bids they submit, there is ample opportunity for companies to learn how to bid smarter on price.  Increasing success rates mean more wins, more growth, more revenue!

In this podcast episode listeners will learn:

  • What is involved in the process of Forensic Pricing?
  • What are the current statistics of wins vs. losses in Government contracts and why should this be recognized?
  • How can Forensic Pricing help improve a company’s p-win?
  • When is the best time to conduct a Forensic Pricing analysis?
  • Who is best recommended to handle this type of analysis and why?

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