Government Pricing

“What makes us different is our approach. Everything we do is based on providing information back to management.”

With substantial experience in all aspects of Federal Government Pricing, our consultants can support both existing Federal contractors as well as commercial organizations looking to enter the Federal marketplace.

With more than 100 combined years of Government Pricing experience, direct involvement in more than $20 billion of proposals and contract awards, and extensive knowledge of the FAR, CAS, and DCAA, The McKelvey Group has an expert to meet your needs. Our consultants are well versed in performing the following functions related to Federal Government Pricing:

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Federal Cost & Price Proposals

TMG has extensive experience in Cost Volume and Price Volume Development proposals from small task orders to full and open competition proposals. Our experience in Pricing Strategy Consulting covers all Government agencies, all contract types, and values ranging from the thousands to the billions. Proposal support can be customized to each opportunity with any or all the following services:

  • Fully Outsourced Proposal Development
  • Proposal Strategy
  • Indirect Rate Impacts
  • Labor Rate Development
  • Subcontractor Pricing Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Black Hat Competitive Analysis
  • Model Development
  • Narrative Development


TMG provides tailored assistance for companies seeking to add Government or Agency-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC/AWAC) to their portfolio. We can provide tools to aid in the analysis of existing contract data, as well as support companies developing proposals to win these types of contracts. Proposal support can be customized to each opportunity with any or all the following services:

  • Analysis of GWAC/AWAC/MAC Contract Data
  • Proposal Strategy
  • Development of Supporting Documentation
  • Proposal Compliance
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Model Development
  • Narrative Development

Subcontractor Compliance

TMG provides support to companies seeking to ensure subcontractor pricing volumes are compliant with solicitation requirements.  Typically, subcontractors will not share their proprietary information with their prime, leaving the prime unsure if the subcontractor’s volume will be evaluated in a manner that will reflect positively on the prime’s offer.

TMG can serve as your compliance verifier, helping primes ensure their bids are not affected negatively by deficient subcontractor submissions and helping subcontractors prepare correct submissions.  This quality control benefits both the prime and subcontractors in assuring they have put forth submissions that are compelling, competitive, and accurate.

Excel Model Support

Producing accurate, professional, and high-quality financial models and reports is an essential part of our consulting service at The McKelvey Group.  It is the foundation of our Finance, Accounting, and Government Pricing work and we exercise these skills daily.  With significant experience in Excel, the McKelvey Group can provide value to your company by creating Excel models/spreadsheets that address your needs, or we can optimize your existing models/spreadsheets/reports for maximum efficiency. The result is a clear and concise, accurate, and highly effective Excel workbooks.  Examples of how we approach this are:

Spreadsheet Cleaning

By updating the formulas, organizing the data, and designing an effective visual layout of your spreadsheet applying Excel features such as conditional formatting, borders, and gridlines for example, TMG can improve the effectiveness of the workbook, both from a programming and visual perspective.

Spreadsheet Programming & Design

TMG can develop a custom spreadsheet solution that will address what you need and perform how you need it.  For example, we can design a spreadsheet that automatically populates with data inputs or create a reporting template that can be used again and again.  The reporting capabilities of Excel are robust and endless.  And with our extensive skills in Excel, TMG can produce almost any custom report for you.

Spreadsheet Audit

Our spreadsheet audit involves quality-checking your provided Excel reports for accuracy, correcting errors found within the file, and suggesting improvements to enhance the effectiveness of the report.  Some common items we discover might include circular references, formula tracing, or hidden data/worksheets for example.  We understand the challenge of auditing an Excel workbook, especially by the same hand of the one who created the file!  Add in the complexity of the workbook, and it may feel impossible to do a thorough review. In our experience, auditing is best left to someone outside of the project.  With TMG, you will receive a comprehensive review of the spreadsheet and you can be assured that your file is quality-checked, to the fullest extent possible.

Research & Model Analysis

If you need to collect and/or analyze a large amount of data, TMG can assist with this labor-intensive task.  Further, we can produce a custom report to interpret and depict the data in a visually effective format of your choice.

Forensic Pricing

Forensic Pricing is the approach of using an independent party to review, analyze and assess the pricing submitted to understand why the proposal was not evaluated more favorably, why the price was higher/lower than the competition or internal Government estimate, and the potential strategies and tactics that could have been utilized to mitigate the issues found.  The impartial viewpoint allows for a greater degree of objectivity in the review. The purpose of this information is to use it in a forward-looking fashion, to inform future bids and improve the probability of a win (p-win).  TMG brings expertise on pricing for proposals to agencies across the Federal spectrum, more than two decades of work with businesses of all sizes, billions of dollars of contract value won, and exposure to strategies and tactics that are commonly used by successful bidders to increase their p-win.

Our Approach

TMG’s approach to forensic pricing is to review the solicitation documents, inclusive of all amendments, and develop a nominal independent pricing approach to be responsive to that bid.  TMG will review client proposal files for accuracy and compliance with solicitation instructions.  TMG will also review the Source Selection Statement, debrief documentation, client notes, and any other client-supplied or publicly available information to factor into the analysis. Using all the available information, TMG will:

  • Explore missed or underutilized pricing opportunities
  • Examine differences in pricing strategies and the relative impacts the different approaches will have on the pricing
  • Discuss measures to include for ghosting the competition in areas where prices cannot be reduced
  • Offer recommendations for substantiation/justification to include in future bids

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