TMG Releases New Podcast 7 on Forensic Pricing

The McKelvey Group Releases Episode 7 of TMG’s Expert Series Podcast

Featuring Marc Hamann of TMG on Forensic Pricing

Gaithersburg, MD – The McKelvey Group, Inc. (TMG), DC metro area’s premier financial consulting firm for fast-growth companies, is excited to release its 7th episode of the TMG Expert Series Podcast, featuring an interview with Marc Hamann, Vice President of Pricing Solutions, who shares the influence behind TMG’s expanded new pricing service.

The new episode covers the fascinating topic of Forensic Pricing, and Marc uses the analogy of baseball to explain the concept. Consider this: The bid and proposal process in Government Contracting is amongst the most difficult of games to achieve success. Similar to the game of baseball, even the very best often fail more than they succeed.  Given these statistics in the Pricing world, increasing win rates by even a few percentage points can provide a great deal of additional revenue for a company. With tough technical competition and procurement practices often bringing the final decision on many contracts down to price, having the best price is as important as it has ever been. Given that most companies win less than half the bids they submit, there is ample opportunity for companies to learn how to bid smarter on price.  In baseball, increasing the batting average of the team usually increases runs scored, and ultimately games won. Similarly in the Government Contracting world, increasing success rates mean more wins, more growth, more revenue!

In Episode 7 of TMG’s Expert Series Podcast listeners will learn:

  • What is involved in the process of Forensic Pricing?
  • What are the current statistics of wins vs. losses in Government contracts and why should this be recognized?
  • How can Forensic Pricing help improve a company’s p-win?
  • When is the best time to conduct a Forensic Pricing analysis?
  • Who is best recommended to handle this type of analysis and why?

“We saw a real need to discuss Forensic Pricing based on industry trends we noticed in our consulting practice. Our podcast was the ideal platform to educate and inform our audience about this, as well as introduce our new service for anyone who needs it,” said Matt McKelvey, President of The McKelvey Group.

The McKelvey Group’s TMG Expert Series Podcast was created to share insights on Proposal Management from experts in the Government Pricing industry.


TMG’s Podcast Episode 7 on Forensic Pricing

Featuring Marc Hamann, Vice President of Pricing Solutions, TMG.

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TMG’s Forensic Pricing Support Services

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