The McKelvey Group’s Valuation Practice Sees a Rise In Demand

Increased Interest for Succession Planning Brings Opportunities for Business Valuations

Gaithersburg, MD – The McKelvey Group, Inc. (TMG), the premier financial consulting firm for high-growth companies in the DC region, announces that its Business Valuation services are delivering added return-on-investment for their strategic consulting services, and the demand for these services is rising as the baby boomer generation increasingly moves toward succession planning.

“At present, over 20% of our business valuations are stemming from succession planning,” TMG’s valuation expert, Will Unger said. “As the baby boomer generation is moving toward retirement, they need advice to shape their next steps with their businesses, which flows into merger & acquisition as well as Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) work. At the government level as well, merger & acquisition work is a growing sector as a result of succession planning needs.”

TMG brings extensive expertise in performing formal business valuations for small and mid-sized businesses, following the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practiced (USPAP) in every engagement. TMG performs valuations for its clients for a variety of reasons, including:

– Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs);

– Stock Options;

– Acquisition/Sale;

– Shareholder Transactions;

– Strategic Planning; and

– Fairness Opinions.

Valuations play a central, and often overlooked, role in business operations and growth planning. Many organizations typically only seek a valuation for their organization when they are on the cusp of succession planning, such as in the event of a sale or acquisition. It is actually a prudent strategy to have your organization valued proactively to gauge what activities and investments are playing the most major role in its future.

TMG’s methodical Valuation process takes a strategic and thorough look at several key factors, such as:

– A strong management team;

– Industry the organization is in, and whether it is on the upswing, downturn, or consolidating;

– Company financials, both historical and forecasted;

– Competitive position;

– Subject matter expertise, particularly for government clients, as certain aspects of this work, such as cybersecurity, are on the rise while others are fading;

– Type of contracts; and

– Quality/differentiation of the employee base.

“Our Valuation practice area continues to be a growing, evolving segment at the core of our business,” said Matt McKelvey, President of TMG. “Regardless of the industry, it is important for owners and managers to consider the value of their company well in advance of a critical event, such as a sale or exit. Understanding the drivers of value in advance provides the company the time to mitigate valuation weaknesses while encouraging valuation strengths. This proactive work can dramatically increase the value, and likely sale price, of the company. Looking forward, we expect this TMG service area will continue to grow rapidly.”

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