How Does Your Company Create Staffing Models for Pricing Proposals?

Creating staffing, the blend of labor categories, levels, and hours required to perform on a Government contract is one of the most challenging aspects of responding to any Government solicitation.  For most companies, this is done on a bid-by-bid basis, which requires significant time and resources reinventing the wheel with each subsequent proposal.

Introducing the TMG Staffing Template, a valuable time-saving model created by TMG’s Pricing Analysts!  This template will reduce your time on creating the staffing model so you can concentrate on other parts of your pricing proposal.

The TMG Staffing Template has the following powerful functionalities: 

  • Creates a repeatable structure that can be utilized indefinitely but is also flexible enough to fine-tune to each specific bid.
  • Provides an interface that can be shared with technical staff to allow for iterations that do not require going back and forth between technical staff and pricing staff to understand the impact of changes made to staffing inputs.
  • Allocates staff across time, across WBS and/or CLIN structures, and across teams of prime and subcontractors.
  • Runs scenarios side-by-side without having to run different versions of the file to see the relative impact of changes to staffing/allocations/etc.
  • Performs analysis on team workshare based on hours allocation or labor dollars.

TMG’s Staffing Template is available now for the introductory discount price of $749*

*Regularly priced at $1,199


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